The Health Benefits of Eating Silica, Tramway 2016
Lauren Gault and Zoe Claire Miller

photos Max Slaven

Working in sculptural installation and specifically linking together their use of ceramics, Gault and Miller present this one-off event that connects, debates and expands both their practices including sculptural installation, performance and film.

The works examine the term ‘terroir’ (normally used to describe qualities within a wine such as time, place, altitude or environment) and the term ‘qualia’ (an attempt to define the non-chemical essence or experience of objects/materials). These abstract, less tangible qualities are said to be held or present within matter, and directly informs the artists’ interests in the capacity for an object to have its own embodied knowledge. These concepts and terms are examined in relation to the artists’ sculptural and performative practices. The event includes sculptural installation, performance and film.